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The Bob Marshall Music Festival, LLC is excited to have everyone back for 2022 in Seeley Lake, Montana for the 6th Annual Bob Marshall Music Festival on August 5 & 6, 2022. 

Tickets for music and campsites go on sale Sunday, January 2 at 12:00 pm and will be available at 

You can mark your calendars for the first weekend in August to count on enjoying the Bob Marshall Music Festival into the future. 

PDF of 2021 Camping Rules

Common Questions

Can I bring outside food and beverages into the music area?

You can bring in your own food that's fine, but they'll be NO OUTSIDE beverages allowed in. You can bring in an EMPTY water bottle and fill it at the water station. If the water is warm at first, let it run for a few seconds and It'll get cold again.

What is your refund policy? 
ALL SALES ARE FINAL. We have invested lots of money on this event and are committed to putting on the event rain, shine or smoke.


I just want to come for a day. Will there be day passes?

Yes. Day passes will be available both in advance online and at the gate. You can purchase tickets at beginning January 2 at 12 pm. 

How long will the advance-priced tickets be available? 
There are only 200 advance-priced tickets available. When the advance priced tickets are gone, they are gone. Be ready to act fast.

How do I volunteer for the festival?

Wow! We love you already. We really need volunteers to make this happen. Please email

How are you accommodating for COVID-19?

Well, at this point, we're all pretty familiar with COVID and that it can change things in a hurry so as we look to our 2022 festival, we'll all have to remain adaptable and in good spirits. The Bob Marshall Music Festival is in Seeley Lake, Montana and thus is a part of Missoula County. We have been in contact with the Missoula County Health Department and expect that we'll be able to have the festival in August. If regulations are not going in our favor we will cancel with 30 days advanced notice. We will respect the rules and regulations of the Missoula County Health Department. 

We will limit the festival to 1,500 attendees this year. 

If we cannot hold the festival, refunds will be honored. That is the only case we are honoring refunds.  

I can't come, can I get a refunds?

Like stated above, we will honor refunds in a COVID cancellation by the Missoula County Health Department, but that's it. Try selling your passes on Facebook or Stubhub. We have invested lots of money in this event and we are committed to putting it on rain, shine or smoke. If you are buying someone else's ticket and would like to verify the validity, email and we'll verify it for you. 

Can I bring my dog?

No. Unfortunately, Fido and any other pets have to remain at home. 

Can I bring my kid?

Yes. Bring the family. Children 12 and under are free for camping and the music. 

Electric Bikes/ATVs/Golf Carts/Motorcycles, etc.

Because of the dust at the camping area, we request that all vehicles including electric bikes, ATVs, golf carts and motorcycles not travel at excessive speeds through the camping area. If you are asked to slow down, please comply.

Can I bring my own beverages?

You can bring your own beverages, food, etc. into the camping area, but in the music area, you will not be able to bring in any outside beverages. You must purchase beverages from our alcohol caterer in the music area. We will also have bottled water for sale and a water bottle filling station. You can fill water bottles at our water bottle filling station. Our alcohol caterer is taking on the liability for this event and thus we ask that you respect this and purchase your alcohol from them. They have really great beer, wine and seltzers. You'll be pleased. For 2022 we are excited to have Nourishing Cultures Kombucha available. 

I'm a food vendor and I want to be at the festival. How can I get in on the Bob?

We are limiting the festival to 4 food vendors. If you're interested in being a vendor, please email and we'll select our food vendor applicants by the end of April. Be sure to include the menu of what you plan to serve and your prices. Are you planning on serving breakfast, lunch and dinner? If you are accepted, we'll need all your other fun info like health department catering certifications and to be listed as co-insured on your insurance policy, etc. 

I'm a crafter and I want to be at the festival. How can I get in on the Bob?

We look forward to having more crafters at the festival this year and have exclusive space for seven vendors. Click here to apply to be a vendor. 

I'm a musician and I'd like to play at the festival. How can I get in on the Bob?

We've booked all the acts for this year, but you're welcome to submit your information for next year to

2022 Food Vendors are:

It's a Wrap

Rock Starr BBQ

Mountain Berry Bowls 

Nourishing Cultures Kombucha

You haven't gotten back to me. When can I expect a reply?

We are doing our very best to respond to everyone within 24 hours. 


Can I switch my camping spot?


Can I have a camp fire?


In previous years, there was a group campfire in the campground area. Can I have my spot next to that campfire? Or, far away from that campfire?
That was pretty cool to have, wasn't it?! Unfortunately, our insurance company has spoken and there will be no group campfire in the campground area. There will be campfire in the music area in the evenings if fire regulations permit, but that's it. No other campfires.

Quiet times.

In the past we've been pretty relaxed about quiet times, but in 2019 there were quite a few complaints and in the interest of a good night's rest, we have hired a security company to enforce quiet hours. Quiet hours are 1 am to 8 am.

More info on camping: 

  • Camping check-in will begin on Thursday, August 4 at 3 pm. And, no earlier! Seriously, you can't come earlier youor 'll get backed up on the highway and we'll get in trouble so don't come early or we'll send you away to come back at 3 pm. Thanks for working with us on this one! 

  • Please note that camping and music festival passes are being sold separately but can be added to the same cart online. 

  • Specific camping sites will be reserved when purchasing tickets. Talk to your friends and family before you book your site because there will be no camp site changes.

  • Camping charges do include a 8% Montana lodging tax.

  • Sites designated for TENTS can accommodate a camper if it fits in the 20x20 space.

  • 20x20 and 20 x 40 camping sites include camping wristbands for 4 guests. More can be purchased at checkout or at the gate for $20 each for the entire weekend.

  • You can have two vehicles located on each site. Additional vehicles must be parked in the parking overflow. The Silver Lining Foundation is coordinating parking and you'll be asked to donate $5 for parking. 

  • Please note that you can only have one RV per site. You can have multiple tents per site and can add a tent into an RV spot. Don't forget that 4 camping wristbands are included with the site price but if you have more people camping, you will need to purchase additional camping wristbands for those people.  

  • Children 12 and under are free for camping and for the music.

  • Premier Camping is for Camping ONLY and does not include festival tickets.

  • Premier camping sites include camping wristbands for 6 guests.

  • It's a gigantic field, please be respectful and go away from other people to smoke - AND, don't forget this is fire season in Montana. Dispose of cigarette butts in an appropriate receptacle.  

Camping Details
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